Automatic Film Sticking Machine for Mobile Phone

Automatic Film Sticking Machine for Mobile Phone

Model   QM-F2120

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

The machine is mainly used for film sticking/coating process of various flat products such as mobile phone high-definition protection film, shipping protection film, process protection film, etc.. Replacing the manual and fixture film coating, the machine can improve film coating precision and eliminate bubbles and impurities in the coating process.

Equipment features

  1. The silicone roller is rolled and attached to prevent the generation of bubbles;
  2. Freely matched with high-precision edge measuring sensors/ visual inspection devices;
  3. FFU dust removal and electrostatic elimination design in the film coating range to reduce the inferiority caused by the dust;
  4. Servo stripping film extraction and peeling design to ensure the accuracy of film coating.