Battery Tab Bending Machine

Battery Tab Bending Machine

Model   QM-E2070

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

The main functions of this equipment are bending standard battery core tab, FPC deformation detection, adhesive tape presence detection, adhesive tape wrapping of electric core, and bending dimensional detection. Furthermore, it is developed to meet the compatible changeover of other model products. The machine can now achieve automatic loading, automatic alignment, prepressing, pressure keeping, and automatic detection.

Main functions

  • Battery core tab bending and accuracy detection;
  • Detecting whether FPC is deformed and the accuracy;
  • Detecting the existence of adhesive tape and the adhesive tape wrapping of electric core;
  • Dimensional accuracy detection after bending and pressure keeping;
  • Automatic sorting by the robotic arms to ensure the flexible docking of the assembly line;
  • Compatible with the production of similar products with jig replacement