Contactor Screwing/Labeling All-In-One Machine

Contactor Screwing/Labeling All-In-One Machine

Model   QM-E2040

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

It is mainly used for the assembly of automatic parts, automatic locking, automatic labeling and automatic detection of automotive DC contactors. The machine can improve production efficiency and product quality, greatly reduce the need of manpower, and prevent defective products from reaching customers.

Main functions

  • Universal fixtures enable rapid switching and production of products;
  • The equipment is equipped with high-precision robotic arms for parts assembly and testing functions;
  • Unit design of the equipment enables flexible combination and maneuvering;
  • Product automatic switch jig for bolt assembly
  • Automatic loading and positioning of the lead piece
  • Automatically lock the lead piece and detect the accuracy
  • Automatic labeling and off-machine sorting
  • The product is compatible with multiple models of the same category