Intelligent Bookmark Production Line

Intelligent Bookmark Production Line

Model   QM-A1010

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

The machine is mainly used for fully automatic unmanned production of bookmark craft gift box, and is completed by automatic loading bin, robotic arm handling, drilling, edging, laser marking, writing, finishing, lining, boxing, visual inspection, box sealing and other processes. It can be customized according to individual requirements, realizing truly one-unit customized and unmanned production.

Main functions

  • It integrates 4-axis simple robotic arm, cooperative robotic arm, laser marking, CCD vision, MES and other leading technologies;
  • Flexible and compatible with multi-standard gift box production;
  • It can be customized for a single unit according to customer preferences;
  • Modular integration, which can increase or decrease the production processes according to product requirements