MMI Function Testing Machine

MMI Function Testing Machine

Model   QM-F2150

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

The machine is mainly used to carry out all functional tests of finished and semi-finished products of mobile phones, tablets, and smart 3C products with touch screens, cameras, fingerprint unlocking, audio and video. Centralized testing greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, and prevents defective products from reaching customers.

Main functions

  • Universal test fixtures enable rapid switching and changing line production of the product;
  • Automatically connect product installation test software for functional testing;
  • High-precision industrial cameras meet the testing needs of products;
  • High-precision robotic arms implement functional testing of products;
  • Unit design of the equipment enables flexible combination and maneuvering;
  • The device meets the need to switch between manual operation and robot automatic production mode.
  • The product is compatible with most product sizes on the market