PCBA Plug-In Machine

PCBA Plug-In Machine

Model   QM-F2010&F2020

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

It is mainly used for automatic plug-in of various plug-in components such as various connectors, PINs, connectors, seat for 3C electronic circuit board, including automatic board loading, components automatic loading, visual mark, automatic plug-in, automatic board collecting, which greatly improves production efficiency and product superiority, and at the same time greatly reduces manpower and prevents defective products from reaching customers.

Main functions

  1. The universal feeding cage for board loading realizes standardized automatic PCB loading;
  2. The equipment is equipped with a high-precision visual robotic arm to realize automatic plug-ins;
  3. Unit design of the equipment enables flexible combination and maneuvering;
  4. A single machine can realize multi-station simultaneous plug-ins of various components;
  5. Component vibrating plate or feeder automatic loading, and alarm for lack of material;
  6. Compatible with multi-size PCB plug-ins