Phaser Pressure Riveting Tester

Phaser Pressure Riveting Tester

Model   QM-E2060

Brand   DOBOT

Product Introduction

It is mainly used for automatic assembly, automatic pressure riveting and testing of auto engine phaser parts, which is beneficial to improve production efficiency and product superiority, and at the same time greatly reducing manpower and preventing defective products from reaching customers.

Main functions

  •  Automatic loading of shell and rotor
  •  Automatic loading pressure riveting for the torsion spring positioning pin and precision detection
  •  Automatic loading for the positioning sleeve, servo riveting pressure and monitoring riveting pressure curve
  •  Inner and outer assembly rotation gap detection of the limit sleeve
  •  Automatic sorting by the robotic arms to ensure the flexible docking of the assembly line
  •  Compatible with the production of the intake and exhaust of the same type