Shield Cover Automatic Assembly Machine

Shield Cover Automatic Assembly Machine

Model   QM-PBGA-100

Product Introduction

This device is used for automatic assembly of the shield cover on the PCBA motherboard of the electronic product. Due to the short update cycle of consumer electronics, the specifications of the shield cover are diversified, and the defective rate of the manual assembly shield cover is high. The device adopts a modular design, easy to replace the carrier, and one-button track width adjustment, which can truly realize the rapid production change.

Main functions

  • This device is used for automatic assembly of shield covers of electronic products
  • The double-station turntable structure is adopted, and the discharging and assembly are completed synchronously for saving time
  • One-button width adjustment of the feed track of the shield cover
  • Adopt precise visual positioning to ensure the assembly accuracy of the shield cover
  • The suction head of the shield cover adopts modular and floating design. The replacement only needs 2 seconds to complete. The suction head can adjust the deviation adaptively to protect the products from being crushed